5 ways to Prevent Cancer 2013

Today cancer is a really common diseases for all age.Cancer still has no exact cure for the preventing but today has realise many options for cancer treatment and mostly useful for the treatment of cancer.Bu anyway it is important that  decrease risk of cancer ,this way is the most important than treatment.But may be you will ask how we can prevent or lowering risk of cancer,And my answer is just simple  in those ways you can decrease getting risk of cancer ;

1.Stay away from Smoking and Tobacco products

Today lung cancer is very common,in every year many people diagnosed by Lung cancer and most risk factor of Lung cancer is Smoking.So do not using smoking that is important way to lowering risk of cancer ,specially lung cancer.

2.Control your Stress level or Stay away from stress

Today is not easy to live without stress but we can manage or we can control our stress level ,anxiety,stress or something which effect our psychological system ,that can increase also risk of cancer.

3.Eating health food and Organic food

Today there are many types of  fast food,But all of them still dangerous for human health life ,with fatty food and greasy meat  are increase risk of cancer.

4.Regular exercise and Active lifestyle

Daily exercise is not only for  preventing heart diseases,Exercise has more than this.Regularly exercise which means 30 minutes in a day will help you a lot,such as burning fat in out body and increase circulation and taking fresh oxygen and those are decrease risk of the cancer.

5.Under controls of Doctors

As you know early diagnosis is so much important for the treatment of any diseases as well as for cancer also same.So regularly physician control is necessary.May be annually or every 6 months  if you do  general examination ,it is important to recognize many disease before getting worse. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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